Arizona to Alaska: Day 8 - Montana

30 mile bike ride from Apgar Campground to Avalanche Creek, then back along the road, before the traffic came.  Why don't national parks have designated bike lanes?  You see a lot more from a bike seat than a windshield, and it's easier to hop off your bike to take in the views versus trying to find a place to park.  Come on, put our entrance fees to use and add some bike paths..............

Left camp after lunch and hiked 2 miles up to Avalanche Lake, passing an amazing slot canyon.  At the lake, we saw a lone grizzly that seemed to be hunting a mountain goat, tracking it along the cliff bands across the valley.

Off to Canada tomorrow, for a couple nights in the Bugaboo Provincial Park.  Hoping to get a glimpse of the Cain hut.

Gorge of Avalanche Creek

Avalanche Lake

Grizzly in upper center photo

Mountain goat in left center

Apparently the park dear are not afraid of humans

He did 98% of the 4 mile hike by himself, with very little whining


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