Arizona to Alaska: Day 13 - Jasper

Camped overnight in a huge provincial campground with recent grizzly and black bear sightings in camp.  Continued good weather, good morning ride, and then drive north out of the mountains to Prince George.

The nightly routine, if Alex gets to bed early enough.  Hard to accomplish when the sun is so high in the sky up here.

Hiking to Anthabasca falls

Anthabasca Falls

North Face of Edith Cavell, a route I climbed in 1997

Local riding

Hike to Valley of Five Lakes

Lots of elk in camp

Too much fun for this little guy

North Face of Edith Cavell, another mountain I climbed in 1997

Jasper has an amazing trail system.

Muddy Miette River meets the Anthabasca River.

Across the street was the calving elk sign.


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