Arizona to Alaska: Day 17 - Kleanza Creek

Decided to skip going way up to Hyder, AK because the roads up here are great in regards to condition, but slow when it comes to actual travel time because they are single lane, road construction, small towns, etc.  So we drove to Kleanza Creek today and camped along the beautiful "creek" that anywhere else would be classified as a raging river.  Nice hike up to some rapids in the woods, campfire along the river, and silence (except for the river noise).

Seven Sisters western half

Seven Sisters eastern half

Seven Sisters chain, what an awesome alpine traverse?

Road to Terrace, BC.

View of our campground down there, along the river.

Private beach

Found some sunglasses

His latest obsession, checking pipes as they pass water underneath trails or roads.


Why we bought a camper with a shower

Quite serene


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