Devils Canyon and Pinal Peak

Dropped Karni and Aunt Yeti off at the airport then bailed out of the heat to an area just west of the dump mining towns of Miama/Globe to hang out in an area we used to climb at over 10 years ago.  Spent one night there, but it was still a bit too warm, so we went about 20 miles further east to the desert mountain island of Pinal Peak.  Pinal Peak rises over to 7,800ft or so, WAY above the Sonoran Desert, and offers a completely different climate and landscape.  The highlight for me was riding my bike down the mountain this morning and splitting a herd of four javelina on the gravel road, about hitting them, but not having enough time to take a pic.

Driving south of Oak Flat to what is the end of the road for us before it became to rough to continue.

I'm a sucker for desert flowers.

The cowboys have huge chaps because the undergrowth is so gnarled and prickly, making heavy duty chaps mandatory.


Descending to a little valley for the night.

If it weren't for mining in the area, I suspect this road would be much worse.  It was steep and loose, but seemed well traveled.

Nice spot next to a cow watering hole for the night.

Transfixed by fire.

Mommy time after falling down on  a hike and getting a little tore up.

Hiking down to Devil's Canyon.

Remote and semi popular climbing area, for obvious reasons.

Hedgehog Cactus

Looking into Devil's Canyon.

Leaving for Pinal Peak

The amazing 18 mile and 5,000ft climb up Pinal Peak on well graded gravel roads.

The scenery of the desert landscape....had to be there to appreciate it.

Great campsite mostly out of the wind.

Looking down towards Pioneer Pass

Lots of nice trails to hike.

Northwest with Weaver's Needle in the distance.

On the drive home we noticed more cholla blooming.

And prickly pear.


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