Mahoney Mountain

Rode two miles up a steep gravel road to lower Silvis Lake, the hiked 1/2 mile to upper Silvis Lake, then about 3 or so miles more to Mahoney Mountain.  Amazing views, mountain goats, a lone bear, and a bunch of ravens.  Spectacular alpine scenery.  When I was hiking, Niki was watching humpbacks swim by from our window.

Lower Silvis Lake and the Pacific.

Twin Peaks and Upper and Lower Silvis Lakes.

Looking towards Blue Lake and eventually Deer Mtn.

Goat on ridge.


Upper Mahoney Lake area.

Looking towards Gravina Island way out in the distance.

Looking towards Deer Mtn, but that's not it.  Blue Lake is behind that peak.

Raven and Twin Peaks.

George Inlet.

Mahoney Lake.


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