Mahoney Mountain Ski

Above lower Silvis Lake there is an obvious couloir that every skier notices when they hike in this area in the summer.  Today was the day, no new snow for a couple days, stable snowpack, time off from work, good weather, and an available ski partner.

The approach is pretty simple, no bushwacking, just a fun ski tour above the fog and the ocean.  You can view Samuel Wilson pics here.
Sunrise over Twin Peaks

Looking down at the cloud covered George Inlet with the peaks of Carroll Inlet beyond.

Northbird/Roy Jones peaks.

Tamgas Mtn on far right, in the distance.  Highest peak on Annette Island.

Sam scoping the couloir entrance.

Turns at the top were a little funky with all the sastrugi.

Couloir we skied is center photo.



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Travel Map
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