North Bird Peak

We had initial ambitious plans of climbing Twin Peaks, then skiing down to Upper Silvis and climbing North Bird Peak.  We missed the turn to Twin Peaks in the dark (second time in a week) and decided to just access North Bird from Upper Silvis Lake.  Luckily we were able to find the summer trail between the lower and upper Silvis Lakes, although it was a bit elusive.  Interestingly there was a fair bit of old wet avalanche activity in the trees.  Something to think about when skiing here on a warm day after new snow.  After slogging and slogging, we summited North Bird Peak and had a pleasant descent.

Blew it on the pics today, as I had the ISO set at 1600 from shooting night photos last night and never checked it this morning.

Crossing Upper Silvis with Twin Peaks in the background.

North Bird Peak.  We skied the left hand skyline.

Bear tracks?

Nichols Passage in the background.

Achilles peak on far right.

Tamgas Mtn is right under Sam's ski pole basket.  Lets ski it!

First 100ft off the summit was ice.........

Upper Silvis Lake down there.  

Crossing the foggy Upper Silvis a second time.


  1. I really enjoy those Silvis Lake photos... And the photos of the top of Northbird remind me of a four day trip that I did a few years back along the mountains of the Stikine. It had been nothing but wind and a little bit of warm weather before we left and by the time we got high into the mountains ice skates would have been a better choice than skis.



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