Briefly On The Water

The weather the past three weeks has been pretty horrendous.  Frequent strong winds, 70+mph in town the other day, 50mph winds yesterday evening.  Today the sun was out this morning, so we headed out for a little bit, but then it started raining and getting breezy, so we came in early.  We did manage to see one humpback that we've been watching from the deck all week.  Niki also saw a small pod of orca yesterday from the deck, but didn't have the memory card in the camera.

Weather is looking better this weekend into next, and the flight to Prince of Wales Island has a good forecast.  Should make for some good aerial scenery.

Our new dinghy for getting to shore from anchorage.  Our 6hp kicker mounts on it, or we can paddle it.


The eagles are sick of the rain too.

Lone humpback.

The new bimini top is nice to keep the rain off, but it needs side flaps because the rain today just came in the side from the wind.  It's a start.


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