The Sun And No Wind

Haven't had a day with no wind or sun combined for I don't know how long, maybe five weeks?  Today was the classic AK boating day.  All day in the bigger boat, then a sunset cruise in the Zodiac.  What a fun little boat that Zodiac is.  Cruising around close to shore at 8.5mph in a little 10' inflatable makes you feel like a kid again.

Matanuska ferry coming in below Twin Peaks and Achilles Peak south of Ketchikan.

Sea lion. I missed the better shot.  These things are WAY bigger than they look in pics.

The heart of the summer tourism trap.

Wonder what they are talking about.

I miss spending time down at the docks, so we boat through them when we are in the area.

Our old condo.

The summer chaos of float plane salvos is right around the corner.

Ridge behind town.

Peaks up Carroll Inlet, next weeks adventure.

On a calm day, sitting on the bow is so nice.  Words can't explain how relaxing it is.

Crappy phone pic of the Zodiac cruise.


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