Weiss Visit

Mom and sister came to town for the second time this summer, and once again, scored with perfect weather, low winds, successful crabbing, whale watching, and some salmon catching.
Pulled about 8 keepers out of 25 or so crab.

Naha River trail

Where the Naha River comes out of the skookumchuck into Naha Bay

The tidal race from the lagoon to the bay.  This boardwalk is actually a skiff board walk to transfer boats around the rapids if you don't time the slack tide right.

Sharing space with billionaires from a 150' yacht nearby.

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, and stale crackers.

Poor people eating like kings.

Limpin Limpet, Sketchican't, Leapord Seal, Blue Canoe.

A few otters

The weather this summer has been very nice.

Our favorite beach area.

Bull kelp fun

Limited whales this trip.


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