Kingston Ferry

Cold morning ride then a Kingston ferry looking for Orca.  Didn't see any, but people have been seeing them here and north to Admiralty Inlet.


Olympic Mountains

Mt. Baker


  1. Beautiful pictures, your little one is too cute :)!

    We are hoping to be in the PNW next spring, any must see places that I should add to our list? I would love to see Orca...

  2. Orca in the spring are all over ip in the Orca Islands. Right now the resident orcas are coming into the north end of the sound. There were a few gray whales around in October, and the humpbacks are up in the Orca Islands too. But spring is Orca season.

    If the weather is good, Rainier is cool. Cushman lake in the Olympic Mtns is nice. We really like taking all the ferries in the Sound. $7/person, free one way. Cheap ocean viewing.

  3. Sounds like spring is a good time to go, excellent :)! Thanks for the great tips...I'm off to do some googling...



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