Camp and Canoe

Took the ferry over to Gravina Island in hopes of camping and paddling, but we couldn't find any easy way to get to the water without a full on thrash through the rain forest, with a canoe.  Seems kinda odd, considering Gravina Island island.  But the rain forest here is so horrifically difficult to get through on your own, let alone dragging a canoe, that we opted to head back to our island (Revillagigedo) and head out to a campground at Settler's Cove.

Driving north on Sarah Palin's "road to nowhere" on Gravina.

Off the road to nowhere and west on logging roads.

Ketchikan in the background, what you can't see is the Tongass Narrows in between us and Ketchikan.

Logging road over growth.

Back on our island, out at Settler's Cove in Clover Passage.

Blazing blue sky isn't always the prettiest scene, I kinda like the SE AK mix of clouds, fog, and sun.

Great FS cabin at the Cove with amazing views.  

Evening paddle.  A four year old likes to paddle, but really aren't contributing to forward movement.

Our apartment faces south, this is west facing, and it was nice to see a sunset again.  This is the view from the campsite point.

Morning came with zero winds and glass like waters.

Starfish preschool.


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