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Last week we rented a boat from Clover Pass Marina.  The night before they said there was a mechanical issue with it and it might not be ready, but they wouldn't say what the problem was.  That morning they called and said the boat was ready, so we went out and picked it up.  As we left the marina it was running fine, but as we gave it throttle it would cut out.  About ten miles out of the marina I noticed the low oil light flashing.  We pulled over and checked the oil, but there was zero oil registering on the dipstick.  After adding two quarts the oil light went off, it registered on the dipstick and the motor ran fine.  I guess these motors have a dummy switch on them if they have low oil.  Turns out it was a good thing because it saved the idiots at Clover Pass an expensive motor and us a tow back.

The good news about the low oil was it allowed us to spot a humpback in the area because the motor was off, and that makes for better observation of whales.  So we literally spent the next 4-5 hours bobbing around the Behm Canal near Traitors Cove watching a humpback swim around the boat, breach, and presumably feed in the area.  What an amazing day.

Tail slapping humpback.

So close to the boat

Check the oil before you go, because you don't know if the mechanic did or not.


  1. Such amazing animals! Thank you for sharing your adventures!



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