First Day Of Winter-Desert Style

Drove about 20 miles from the RV park for a little rural camping a few miles down a bumpy road to an isolated beach on Saguaro Lake.  Just an over-nighter, but a nice escape from humanity.

Superstition Mountains in the background.

Some steep, but reasonable terrain.

Weavers Needle in the distance.

A view you really can not get in a 35' fifth wheel, unless you want to share it with 200 other people.

I think this was his first campfire that he was old enough to enjoy.

We almost never consume alcohol, but it seemed appropriate tonight.

The glamorous life in 100 square feet.

Budget priced camper doesn't mind scratches.

Weavers Needle and Saguaro Lake

Butcher Jones Trail

Browns Peak from Butcher Jones trail.


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