Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

We ordered our uber-deluxe inflatable furniture from Amazon and mistakenly shipped it to Utah.......ooops.  So why hang out in a big city with no view, no internet, and no furniture?  Exactly.

We bailed about 160 miles south to Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument for four days of exploring along the Mexican border and seeing the namesake cactus we've never seen before.  We spent three nights in the Park campground, and wanted to spend a night or two in the backcountry sites, but they were full.  Regardless, it was nice to be at a campground where people are there to explore, not to sit in their humongous RV's all day hugging their sweater wearing rat dogs.

Church in Ajo.

Neat town of Ajo.

Ajo mountains.

Unimog camper.

Another cool euro-rig.

Three awesome monnrises.

Typical view from the campground.

I'm too old to run.

Some random old mine house west of the campground.

Dead cholla

Beginning of Ajo loop.

Double arch on the Ajo loop.

Random puddle on top of a rock that I'm sure is nurturing all sorts of desert life.

Nice hike above Ajo Canyon/Arch

View down from the road we took in, and then hiked up here.

Cool, probably unclimbed tower.

Ajo Loop.

Armed border guys at Lukeville.

See below pic.

Blinking light to alert illegal aliens that they can come here for help.

View from the backcountry campsites in Alamo Canyon.

A seemingly "alive" and possessed organ pipe cactus.

Another old ranch house in Alamo Canyon.

Creek in Alamo Canyon.  Not sure where this water is coming from, but it's nice.

The 18' tall border fence that goes on for maybe a mile.

Some random ranch house, probably full of hanta virus.

Border patrol surveillance stuff.

Alex is an illegal alien.

Not so impressive Mexican border fence.

Finally got our metal javelina.

Looks like Mex, because it essentially is Mex.

Seems mostly true.

Fighter jet at Goldwater Airforce Range

One of the cool things about the desert is all the funky people.

Classic, light, Four Wheel Camper.

My favorite "truck camper" platform, the Tiger RV's.  Way out of my price range.


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