Family Camping Trip

Another visit from our Utah family prompted an escape from Chandler to head north to the beautiful Mogollon Rim country near Payson.  Two nights in a forest service campground that was a bit too close to the road, but otherwise nice.  Two days exploring creeks, canyons, and swimming in cold water, then a day down on the shore of Roosevelt Lake.

Three more weekends of work and we are heading north to Alaska.  This being our last camping trip, I'm ready to leave right now.  The job has been one of the better ones, but regardless, it feels like it's time to go.

Tonto Natural Bridge

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Blurry family pic from the bridge

Seeping water over the lip of the bridge.

The river that spills over the top of the bridge.

Campfires every night.  

Day two hike to Christopher Creek.

Brrr.......but nice clear water.

Smell the roses?

More blooming plants.

East Verde River

30' waterfall

A break in the swim to warm up.

Lizard growing new tail?

The namesake water wheel.

Blooming saguaro.

Apache Lake.

Couldn't resist.

Blooming cholla.

Browns Peak

Blurry iPhone pic of javalina in camp.

Morning ride above Roosevelt Lake.  iPhone pics.


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