Arizona to Alaska: Day 19 - Prince Rupert Waiting

Short drive to Prince Rupert along the beautiful 16 West along the mighty Skeena River.  Some photos through the windshield for lack of opportunity to pull over......staying in a pretty nice RV park right next to the ferry terminal, which everyone here is waiting for to go to one place or another.

Morning at the Terrace Municipal Campground

Crossing the Skeena River on the morning bike ride

View of mountains around Terrace

Morning ride into the depths of Dankenstein

The town of Terrace

Notice the blue net down there?  That's to catch people when they crash on this steeper than it looks trail

Drive to Prince Rupert

Massive granite bowl

Back at the Pacific Ocean again

Local kids getting after it

Alex instantly finding a local kid to run with

Moby Dick Inn


  1. Looks pretty!

    We get asked a lot when we're going to Alaksa. No current plans but you never know..



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Now living in Juneau, Alaska. Trying to absorb as much of this state as we can, before our time here ends.