Skunk Sandwhich

Apparently it hasn't really snowed much in Ketchikan for the third year in a row per the local skiers.  This year started out really well with good snow in mid-November, and continued until about mid-January, then the rains came.  Ever since it's been raining hard and VERY warm with day time highs in the mid 40's, squashing any hope for low elevation snow.  Bummer.

A friend from Utah booked flights in January, when things were looking good, unfortunately, the spoiled brat otherwise known as El Nino, decided to turn things to mush.  We skied marginal snow cover on day one, then headed up a nearby inlet on day 2-3 in hopes of finding better snow inland.  Turns out 30 miles inland isn't enough.  The snow line was still too high to justify trying to get to it, so instead it turned into a camping trip sleeping in a heated garage in a remote part of SE Alaska.  Could have been worse.

Going crabbing today, maybe we'll have luck with that, even though it's not peak season.
Curious seal watching us in the Zodiac

A peak behind the hydro dam.  Can't really walk there, need a pack raft because hauling the zodiac up here without wheels wasn't happening.

No rain campfire

The heated garage we scored

Pics are out of order.  Leaving on day 2 in crap weather.

Winds picked up two miles from town on the way back, so we pulled into a little marina and waited for slack tide and a break in the weather.

Watching the little tug boat push a dock around they were constructing.

When we pulled into the marina to hide from the weather, this guy says "Getting too salty out there for ya?"  Yeah, it was.

Skiing on Dude Mtn

Heading out and up the inlet.

End of the inlet.

This dock has power, water, firewood, and a gazebo shelter.

Going up the inlet in the zodiac.

Walking and walking and walking, but no skiing.




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