Humpacks, orca, and crab.

Pretty good week with breaching humpbacks, orca sightings from shore, and successful dungeness crab outings.

Running out with the pots.

Throwing the buoy.

Alaska, a giant kids playground.

The small ones already escaped, and these were undersize too, and all went back to the sea.

There's something about this little boat that is really fun.

Running a pot full of crab in.

Being a desert rat, it takes a little time to figure this grab a crab thing.

Measuring the male crab to see if it's legal size.  This one was almost, but not quite the 6.5".

Second day out worked out with 6 crab in one pot, but only one keeper.  The other pot was empty because I left a side open, ooops.

Kill, clean, boil.  Not boil, kill, clean.

Sharing one crab with three people isn't a meal, but we're still learning.

Orca sighting by Niki from Mtn Point.

Out of order.  Going out crabbing with grandma.

It looks like we are way out there, but in reality, we are very close to shore.

Fun day.


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