New Place To Live

Just signed a lease on a place out south with great views of the Nichols Passage, Annette Island, and Gravina Island.  Our hospital provided housing at Bar Harbor is coming to a close in six weeks, and while it's been an awesome place to live, we are looking forward to our new place for a bunch of reasons.  On site boat parking, on site truck parking, wrap around deck, new construction, no float plane noise, bike path out front, Alex can walk to school, on the bus route......Won't be able to walk to work, but bus/truck will be an easy 5 mile drive.

We're paying a bit of a premium for the view, but we both feel it's worth it.  It's also going to be nice to not be moving every 3-6 months.  Over that.
View from the living room.  Someone needs to sabotage that pine tree;)

Wrap-around deck.  It'll be nice to have outside space, something we don't have at the condo.

Nichols Passage.  Lots of whales out there.

We will live about a 1/4 mile from Rotary Beach, one of our favorite places.

Random view from a lucky somebodies garage.

Crazy clouds over a little island near Rotary Beach.

The bike path that runs for about 5 miles in front of the new place.

Clouds over Annette Island.

Sunrise at Mountain Point

Gravina Island view from Bar Harbor


  1. "Nice to not be moving every 3-6 months. Over that."

    Derek, settling down? Good lord! Well, just call when the dark rainy days get to you and you want to come back to SLC and we will gladly employ you at St Mark's where we actually have a nursing director of our own and he gets it done!


    1. So far, the weather isn't that big of a deal. Yeah, it's rained something like 15-20" in October so far, but regardless, I still ride my bike every day, and we've been out in the boat. We have five days of "sun" coming right now.

      Gotta settle down for Alex to go to school, plus, SE AK has too much adventure to want to leave right away. It takes quite a while to figure out logistics here, but once you do, the opportunity for unique adventure in real wilderness is endless.

  2. That's a great spot. Should blow real hard sometimes too. Enjoy!

    1. Yeah, that last Hurricane Oho remnant was fun to watch from Rotary Beach.



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