Lavro Sea Dory

Here are a few pics of the 21' Lavro Sea Dory.  Needs a little TLC, but currently fits in just fine here in the low key, function before looks, utilitarian Alaska.  Going to spray truck bed liner on the deck/interior, add a rear cover, and get a new, shiny, four stroke motor next week.

All phone pics.......done with being lazy and going to start hauling the DSLR around again next week.

Swivel seat at the stern.  Currently the big 90hp motor gets in the way, but maybe the 70hp motor won't.  Nice spot to sit when trolling or with the motor off.

The boat has a motor well, which is apparently for easier fishing off the back when pulling nets, etc, so nothing tangles in the prop.  It also has a semi-canoe stern for stability in following seas.

A little deck paint and it'll look a lot better.  Also getting all new controls and motor.  Eventually it needs a cover.

We bought this boat because it has a fiberglass enclosed cuddy berth that we can all sleep in. or hang out in bad weather.


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