A month has gone by........

Family left on the last trip of the year, the cruise ships are gone, the fishing season is over, the days are growing short, and the sky is typically cloudy and rainy, but the beauty of Alaska remains.

Made a trip to Juneau via Alaska Air last month doing the puddle jumper routine flying to Wrangell, then Petersburg, then Juneau.  Arrived in Juneau, bought a boat from a typical coastal Alaskan (skinny, smoker, near death), then hopped on the ferry for the next 20 hours for the ride back to Ketchikan.  Mind bender, to say the least.

iPhone and camera pics, out of order.

Waking up in Petersburg, foggy brained after very little sleep from the ferry ride down from Juneau.  Next time I need to bring a sleeping pad/sleeping bag.  Ferry couches=not comfortable and cold.

Mendenhall Glacier RIGHT behind town in Juneau.  Juneau is amazing.  Huge coastal peaks, glaciers pouring into the sea, a bigger road system.......I could live there.

Moonlight leaving Juneau on the ferry.

Sea lion getting pestered while eating fish.

Petersburg.  Cool little town.

Coastal cabin in the Wrangell Narrows.

Ferry navigating the Wrangell Narrows where it widens.  We passed through at near low tide, and back a ways it really is quite narrow with the ferry slowing down to about 7 knots weaving in and around buoys.  

Coming into Wrangell.  Small little hamlet.

Made it back to Ketchikan at sunset.

Pulling into Ketchikan at sunset/moonrise.

What we came home with.  A funky little semi-dory.  A 21ft fiberglass boat with an enclosed cabin.  Even the local natives said "wow, those are great boats, very sea worthy".  I hope to never find out.  More on the boat later.


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Now living in Juneau, Alaska. Trying to absorb as much of this state as we can, before our time here ends.