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Alex started Kindergarten last week, which was an adjustment for him and for us.  Having never had him in daycare or preschool, it felt weird to drop him off for the day.  He's adjusting, and so are we, but I can't help but think five days a week of school all day long at that age isn't necessary.  Maybe four days a week, or three and a half.  Other than that, the coho seem to be coming in, the pinks have spawned and died, and we scored some fresh prawns from a coworker.  Lots of seafood lately.  I've eaten more in the past two months than I have in my life.

Excited for school

Dropped him off on the e-bike

Sums it up, I think.

Bar Harbor, and where we first lived when we moved here.

Lots of really good weather this summer.

Forest Service added a ramp to the dock after it was destroyed in 2014.  Naha is popular, and this will make it more so.  One of our favorite places.

Throwing rocks in the lagoon at Naha.

End of an era.  The pinks have done their duty, now they are done.

Seems true.

Coho chaos.  Boats everywhere.

Nice coho, average fall size.

Prawns that Becky and Warren gave us.  Fried 'em up and chowed 'em down.

This beach was really hard to deal with.  Rocks, wind, current, but we successfully anchored for a few hours.

Float plane being towed.

A straggler pink salmon, getting ready to die I'm sure.  Kept swimming right along shore.

Smoked salmon for lunch, coho and prawns for dinner.


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