Couple Days Of Sun, Snow

The last two days Ryan was here were quite pleasant.  Low winds out of the north, which for us usually means calm seas, sunny skies, and cooler temps.

We went out all day yesterday with two crab pots and some rotten salmon for bait.  We failed to catch any crab, who knows why.  Then today we dawn patrolled Deer Mtn on a cloudless morning with fog below, followed up by another attempt at catching crab.  We spent two hours soaking the pots and pulled one small one up, but just as the pot got to the surface, it escaped.  "The big one that got away".  Pretty excited to go out crabbing again..........but a bunch of bad weather is coming.

Dropped a couple pots back here.

Alex pulling a pot up off the dock.

Best low speed seat in the house.

Prince of Wales Island mountains.

Deer Mtn

Sunrise with Achilles Peak on the left.

Sunrise over the fogged in Pacific

Fog over Ketchikan Lakes

Fresh wolf prints

Skiing over Ketchikan

Cruising around letting crab pots soak.

At a mooring buoy waiting to pull crab pots.

Going to camp here this summer.

Playing cars while cruising home.


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