Whales, Crabs, Moon, Rain

Had a great crabbing day Monday, pulling up 18 crab in two pots.  Unfortunately, only three were keepers.  Made some tasty crab cakes and crab omelettes for breakfast.  Crabbing via zodiac is the way to go.  Simple, cheap, and fun.

Started seeing humpbacks again too.  A few days ago we were out in the Zodiac and there were all these people staring off the bike path.  We had just spotted a lone humpback that was apparently breaching and putting on a show just before we saw it.  Seeing that happen in a Zodiac would have me turning towards shore.

Humpback viewed from Zodiac.

Off work at 4:20, in the water by 5:10, first humpback at 5:23, home by 6:15.

Clams spitting.

Two humpbacks viewed from our deck.  One diving, and one just surfacing.  More pics here.


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