Naha Skookum Chuck

Last week we docked the boat at the Naha Bay FS dock just before high tide, unloaded the Zodiac, and coasted through the tidal race into Roosevelt Lagoon.  Going through the tidal race for the first time and into the lagoon felt pretty special, like entering a hidden world.  Once there, we cruised to the end of the lagoon and scoped out the trail to the cabins.  We came back out a little early, maybe 20 minutes before the flood was over, and it took a fair bit of throttle to get through the current.  

This place is pretty magical.  Nice picnic shelter at the tidal race, great trail, quiet, somewhat surreal.

At the dock trying to net small fish.

Out of order pics, but this is leaving the lagoon, where the tidal race is.

Running around in the brush trying to find the trail.

The skipper in the lagoon.

Entering the tidal race on the flood tide.

Picnic shelter near the dock.

Slippery rocks.

This is the same tidal race, when it's going full steam.  We went through when it was calm.

A different day, on a minus 4ft tide, sea cucumber.

And of course, whales, right next to shore.


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