Fish on.......

Fishing and sunshine has been the name of the game the last week or two.

The cruise ships are back in town, and it's nuts here with lots of traffic.  Meaning tons of cars and boats everywhere.  Fun to see the difference between winter and summer, but it makes driving through town painful.

25' Coast Guard Safe Boat dwarfed.

Some days there are five cruise ships in town, doubling our towns population,

New pedal bike for his birthday.  This bike was made by people who want kids to have fun riding bikes.  Not a Walmart junker, and it shows in how much better he rides it.

Sleeping with "sealy".

Developing skills.

Coworker "Hefe" Jeff catching ling cod.

Ling cod and quill back.

55 degree water, and we can't get him out of it.

Crab carapace helmet.

This eagle had a burned off wing, dead, from the power lines.

Morning trollers.


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