Ketchikan to Juneau

Packed up our seaside apartment and said goodbye to Ketchikan a couple weeks ago.  Took an uneventful ferry ride through the darkness of fall to Juneau.  Unpacked bleary eyed and tired, then started a new job.  In that time, it's pretty much rained non-stop with high winds.  Not much time to get out and play, but good weather is in the forecast.

On the ferry

Guard Island just outside of Ketchikan

Last stormy beach day in Ketchikan

Barge crossing in rough water.

Last breaching humpback from our deck in Ketchikan

Last whale of Ketchikan, as we go north on ferry.




Barge viewed from our deck in Juneau

Downtown Juneau

Mt Jumbo behind our house in Juneau

Beach about 1.5 miles from our house in Juneau.


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Sold the RV after living in it for two years and settled down for a couple years in Ketchikan, Alaska. Small town, lots of rain, good work environment, lots to do and see.............