Arizona to Alaska: Day 18 - Terrace

Morning ride deep into the rainforest along an active logging road.  I find the heavy equipment and logistics of this logging process intriguing, so I took some pics of it for myself.  Amazing how much goes into it.

After the ride, a short commute to the Terrace City Municipal Campground.  The place was nearly flooded out from the HUGE Skeena river.  Glad the water level was lowering as we arrived, because it was only a few feet from our campsite.   The locals seemed unconcerned.

Making a logging road.  This beast just swings around and thrashes down trees.  

Check out the cockpit.  This machine was HUGE.

Road into the mountains.

Terrace bike park for kids.

Took a while, but after he got going, he was totally into it.

Up to the ski resort.

More checking pipes

Just for scale, from the previous heavy equipment photo above.

Backcountry map from the ski resort.  Pretty cool they map it all out.


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