Arizona to Alaska: Day 12 - Icefields

Left the sound of perpetual trains of the Lake Louise campground and headed for the Icefields Parkway.  Continuous stunning mountains, black bears, sunny skies, and Euros in rental motorhomes.

Ended up camping at a nice, quiet 20 site campground with once again, almost all rented motorhomes by Germans/French.

Lots of random mountain photos here that I took to remember peaks I've climbed, or have interest to me in that regard.

Howse Peak, with a line we wanted to climb in 1997 but failed.

Typical road through the park.

Anthabasca Glacier

Alex was grumpy all day, probaly from two days of poor sleep from stupid trains.

Hiking up to the toe of the Anthabasca Glacier

Funny, since 20 years ago I fell in a crevasse here on a winter attempt to climb Mt. Columbia.

Wet snow avalanches from the hanging glaciers.

Toe of the Anthabasca Glacier

Random turquoise lake near the toe of the Anthabasca Glacier.  The lakes and rivers are this color from light absorption from the limestone run-off, same as Bear Lake in Utah.

Mt Kithchener in the background

Short hike down Jonas Creek

Stuff marshmallows with chocolate chips, then roast over fire.

But first get wood to burn with bacon grease.

Grilled to perfection

North face of Mt Andromeda

Evening walk looking for caribou, didn't see any.

Obsessed with water running under ground.


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