Arizona to Alaska: Day 10 - Lake Louise

Arrived at the Lake Louise campground along a pretty river, but later realized the campground is maybe 100 yards from a train track.  Honk honk, all night long.  What a joke of a campground for a national park.  Oh well, the views are unreal, and the river is great for Alex.  They also have an electric bear fence all around it, essentially.

Roadside black bear

Typical awesome Canadian river

I made the water that green, because that's how it looks in real life, but I can't get the camera to express it.  

Yes, it's that green

Not a car buff, but this one was cool

Reminiscing from my youth, when I climbed that north face

Moraine Lake

Standing on frozen lake

That's about 3.50/gallon

Nice campground?  Nope, train noise all night.

But the river behind it is nice


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