Kofa National Wildlife Refuge

Eight days off from work after five in a row.  Head west to Kofa National Wildlife Refuge for a night before arriving in Indio the following day.  The refuge is somewhat off the radar, and I was expecting much, but it turns out it's really pretty and a place we are stopping at again on the way home.  It's just south of the uber-quirky town of Quartzsite.

Heading to Palm Canyon

We saw this rig at Organ Pipe two weeks ago.  Small world.

Palm Canyon.

Cholla coming around.

What the canyon was named after.  A seemingly unlikely place for palms to grow.

Camp.......and why I love truck campers.

Cholla and ocotillo sunset.

Morning ride up Kofa Queen Canyon.

Painted Canyon near Indio.

With only 6 or so inches of annual rainfall, it's hard to imagine water carving anything out.

Ooops, dually and 12,000lb trailer not so good in the sand.

 A few hard yanks and they were out.


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