Dragoon Mountains and Picacho Peak

Went back down to the Dragoon Mountains south of Tucson again, as the last time were there was too brief.  Then drove back north a bit trying to escape the rain and ended up and the roadside Picacho Peak State Park for a night of rain and a morning of misty hiking in the clouds.  The desert is in full bloom now, and it's nothing short of amazing.  Sadly, this might have been our last trip to the Sonoran Desert, as it's getting a bit hot and the rest of our time off here will probably be spent in the higher country.

We tried to enter the Dragoon Mtns from the north, but somehow ended up taking the back door entrance into a large gated community.  Then we spent about 90 minutes driving around trying to figure out how to get out of there.  Finally we saw a big gate, and met a woman who seem bewildered how we got in there in the first place.  Reminded me of many a moto days doing the same thing.

Camp the first night

Morning ride to Slavin Canyon


Slavin Canyon

Slavin Creek

He's finally starting to really enjoy scrambling.  Can't wait to climb with him next year, maybe.


Top of the "mountain" behind camp.

Looking south towards Tombstone

Morning rides on cow trails.

Night two it clouded up and started raining, then it cleared just before sunset.  Unreal night.

Camp night two.

Flowers are blooming.

Below the Sheep's Head

Hike to the Sheep's Head.

Dead saguaro at Picacho Peak

This stuff was blooming everywhere.

Saguaro cactus mouth.

Rainy night.

Clouds over Picacho Peak

Another stellar sunset.

5:30am hike up Picacho Peak with I-10 in the background.

Pretty crazy hike for a State Park.

Not too often are you surrounded in mist on an Arizona Peak. 

New bike rack is ready for Alaska......let's go.


  1. Nice desert pics D! Laughed out loud about getting trapped in the gated community. I tell that story frequently. Looking forward to your AK journey.

  2. Seriously, Noah! We went through a bunch of gates that were open, then the big one at the end with no way through, except I was with family in a big, heavy truck. All worked out well, but the lady at the gait rolled her window up when I approached her.



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