Stuck In Town

Since we sold the fifth wheel RV and moved into our apartment, we have been finding sanity by leaving this gigantic, festering, puss-hole of a city every Monday-Thursday and escaping to the desert.  Living in the apartment is nice, because it's literally a 90 second commute to work via bike, and a 60 second commute to the grocery store, but outside of those conveniences, we are finding living in Chandler to be less than inspiring for the following reasons.

-Living in a city of 6 million just kinda sucks, common sense.
-At the playground there are either 16 year old mothers with fatherless kids, or dad's on supervision from the department of Child Protective Services.
-Phoenix drivers, like any city, are incredibly rude and reckless.  Can't tell you how many auto vs. pedestrian traumas we see in the ER.  A lot!
-This apartment complex is full of single woman who smoke and drink too much, and have yappy dogs.  

Next week we are bailing out again, and disappearing into the silence of the desert.  And soon enough we will be driving 3,000 miles north to Alaska for the summer.  I need some time in a rural city, and once we pass through Salt Lake City on our way to Alaska, it's going to be all small towns for the rest of summer.

On a typical travel nurse assignment we get antsy four weeks form the end.  We extended our work contract here, so by the time we leave it will have been about 6.5 months.  We've really enjoyed it, but we are both dying to move the meantime, we'll spend about 40% of our time living in the truck camper, away from the perils of humanity.  The rest of the time we are pruning our clothes, toys, and other junk out of our lives that aren't necessary.  Can't haul all that junk to Alaska!

iPhone pics.....this week was all about pre-sunrise rides at South Mountain Park, an island of sanity in an otherwise insane city.

Sunrise on the National Trail

Took a trip out to our old stompin grounds at McDowell Mtn Park.  The desert is blooming, which seems humble compared to wetter mountain climate blooms, but it's pretty anyway.

Now that the truck camper is always on the truck, we can shower Alex after he rides and plays in the dirt, then go out for a burger.  Living in style, with our own bathroom and shower, always with us.

Typical sunrise this week at South Mountain Park with coyotes regularly seen and heard.

National Trail

Hidden Valley Trail

More blooming desert.


  1. How exciting! Alaska for the summer, what a sweet gig! Enjoy your time in the desert and don't look back.



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