Sonora Euphora

Hard to beat the Sonoran desert this time of year.  It's still a bit warm mid day, but in a few weeks temps will be perfect for desert exploration.  

Back working per-diem until the work contract starts next week.  It goes something like this.......wake up at 5am, call the agency to see if I'm working, and where.  Drive to a new hospital every morning, in the dark, and start a new job pretty much every day.  Not ideal, far from it, but a good way to stop the hemorrhage of funds from essentially not working for almost two months.

Reporting for work, new facility, no orientation, here are your four new patients, good luck...........

Riding around Fountain Lake.  Alex has evolved beyond his balance bike and I think he's ready for pedals.  He's always looking to go faster.

 "Rez" dog, standard issue on any Indian reservation.  Thankfully this one was nice.

Views on the morning ride.  Got a call a few minutes later, after being cancelled for work, "Hey, can you work at 11:00"  Sure, why not.


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