Four weeks off and it's back to reality.  Arrived in San Antonio yesterday and pulled into our campsite for the next three months.  We were supposed to have a big back in site, but instead we got stuck in a typical small, narrow, uninspiring site.  Oh well, we never really hang out in front of the camper anyway.  It's either inside, or at the playground.  This silly site is so screwy we can't even pull forward out of it because of a low lying tree.  It's a pull through, but we still have to back out.  Dumb.

The first two weeks at every new assignment are always pretty hard and stressful.  New city, new culture, unfamiliar roads, traffic, new job, etc.  Most RV travelling families can just move on if they don't like the location, where as we are somewhat committed to it.  San Antonio............not sure yet, trying to not judge the place just yet.  It's a huge city, and we are smack in the middle of it.  A big change from Morris, MN.  We adapted to Banning, CA (a total dump), and ended up enjoying it, I'm sure we can do the same here.

In the mean time, there's a nice bike path that is 15+ miles long right out our back door, so that's a bonus.
Riding in a park near Kerrville.

At a playground along the bike path, with loud, live traditional Mexican music cranking.

Some sort of music contest, lots of good smelling food.

Salado Creek Trail


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