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After two weeks riding in the west, hanging out in Yellowstone, and another week or so riding and hanging with family in Utah, it's time to make our pre-winter migration to somewhere warm.  The next work assignment starts Monday in San Antonio, Texas.  Drove 350 miles of the 1300 yesterday, arriving in Cortez, Colorado.

This campground is interesting, with lots of contract workers/full timers.  Not sure what is going on here.

This guy is ready for winter.  Large propane tank, full foam skirting, PVC black tank pipe.

Another good winter idea......back up generator to run the furnace if the local power goes out.  Better option than frozen pipes.

Well designed black tank drainage for cold winters.  

San Juan mountains in the distance, near Durango.  Not going to see them this trip.

Readjusting to the commuting schedule.  This is a long one.  I'm not a fan of these long drives.


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