Leaving Minnesota

We are leaving Minnesota tomorrow morning after a successful 16 week work assignment at a great community hospital with friendly staff, a great city RV park, and lots of time spent with family.  Overall, this has been our best yet because of a combination of the above three things.  Now it's time to take five weeks off and make a 2,400 mile journey across seven states and as many National Parks before reaching Texas for our next assignment.

Best things about this assignment.
  1. Seeing family.
  2. Great work environment.
  3. Nice Minnesota people, nicer than anywhere.
  4. Quiet town.
  5. Commuting to work via bike on a bike path.

Worst things.
  1. The violent weather.
  2. Mosquitoes.
  3. No mountains.
  4. Humidity, although it's been a very cool summer.

Last sunrise on the ride to work

Thanks for coming to see us so many times everyone.

I'm going to miss this view of Alex hanging with his Minnesota family

It was immensely rewarding to be able to spend the summer with family, after being gone for the past twenty years

Congrats to my brother for kicking ass in the Madison Ironman Triathlon today!



Travel Map

Travel Map
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Now living in Juneau, Alaska. Trying to absorb as much of this state as we can, before our time here ends.