Red Lodge, Montana

Woke up to 36 degree temps under cloudy skies.  Raced out the door at 6:30am bundled up with no food or water for a quick ride on the Maah Daah Hey trail.  Found the trail and planned to ride an hour, but I underestimated the loop and spent two hours on it.   Got back before the rain, then drove 350 miles in all day rain to Red Lodge.  Now we are bracing for 6-12" of snow forecasted for the mountains, and a bit less in the foothills.  We'll see what we get here at the campground.

Near the end of the ride, when I thought I was done, the trail came to the Little Missouri River, and there was only one way to deal with it.  Glad it didn't get much deeper, or it would have been a long ride back.

Somehow we scored the only site at the KOA with a nice paved patio.  The place is about 1/8 full, probably because the weather is going to be bad.


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