Beast of Burden

"Beast of Burden", that's about how I feel about owning a home.  Sure, it's irrational, as you have to live somewhere.  But how can it not feel like a Beast of Burden when most people spend at least 30 years of their lives slaving away to pay it off sometime around, or after, retirement.  For us, if we meet our goal, it will be paid off in twelve years total, with 80% of that being in the last four years.  Not bad, considering that we are trying to pay it off on a single income, working 36 hours per week.

Perhaps it's my psyche, but I am envious of other full time RV families who sold all their stuff, AND their home.  We didn't, because we don't want to travel forever, and financially it makes sense to keep it.  That said, the emotional burden often times (for me anyway) far outweighs the financial benefit of keeping it.  Yeah, we earn quite a bit of equity from the renters each year, but the hassle factor is significant.  We're not selling, but I wish I could forget about that 2,200sq/ft ball and chain for however long we travel and just enjoy what we are doing now, which is more or less awesome.

I want to take the next five weeks between work assignments and enjoy myself hanging with family in Yellowstone, the Beartooth Mountains, Durango, and beyond, and not think about that stupid ball and chain.

On a side note........last week in Minnesota and it was essentially defined by bikes.
Alex is getting good on his bike.  He did a 4.5 mile loop on the bike path with Mom, stopping a ton, as all kids his age do.

Taking a break.

"Driving the truck"

The salamanders are up to something.  Saw a few of them on the morning ride.

My favorite spot on my morning ride. Sun rising, road enveloped by trees, and this scene, where the road opens into the wide open prairie beyond.

Riding at Cuyuna with an old bike shop friend.
Best way to end a ride.

Beautiful place with crystal clear lakes everywhere.


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