Scratching And Clawing

Scratching and clawing is what it feels like trying to pay our house off quicker than the 15 year loan.  $6,000 in hospital bills, $850 trailer tires, $750 commission to the property manager, $120/month management fee, $350+ electrician bill, $700 new garage door, $350 new dishwasher (maybe), new garage window, hand railings on steps..........ughhh.  I'm ready for the place to burn to the ground, but I guess I don't want to live in an RV forever.

I guess living in an RV doesn't exclude one from lawn care, or does this mean we've just been here too long?
Dirt digger spin.
New playground with a good climbing wall for a three year old.  
Gravity lesson.

Mom's not the climber she used to be ;)

Sweaty headed kid watches mom struggle.
Ride to the local drug store for some ice cream on an otherwise miserably hot and humid day.



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