Fair Grounds

Went out to the Stevens County Fair and apparently we are a few days early.  Not much going on, but we did get to see a Tucker Snocat (Alex and I love 'em), and a half million dollar combine.   Bigger than life machinery was the highlight.  Then a trip through an amazing garden near the campground that the University manages.

Tucker Snocat the local snowmobile club uses for trail grooming.

One of six wheels of a half million dollar combine

I'm assuming different breeds of GMO crops.

Hydraulic wheel motor on a huge field sprayer.  Yup, I'm into this kinda stuff.

Worlds biggest three wheeler.

The implement on the front of the combine.

Half million bucks, front implement not included.  I can't imagine the maintenance costs with all the hydraulic pumps/motors, diesel engine, etc.  How do farmers afford their lives?

"Zedonk". Zebra donkey.


They had deep fried pickles, too.

Stump Checkers



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