Bears, Boats, Sea Lions

Took another rental boat out and cruised up to Traitor's Cove to hike to Margaret Creek to view to black bears feeding on spawning salmon.  On the way saw about 15 sea lions hanging out on the rock island at the entrance to Traitor's Cove.  Nice day boating with glassy water all day until the end, when the winds picked up.

Most sunrises here are imperceptible, due to the persistent low fog and rain, this morning was the exception.

Crappy cheap lens, but there are some sea lions in that photo.

Island Wings taking off, and leaving their chest thumping, know it all guide on the dock.

Hiking 1 mile to the viewing platform.

Sow and cub sharing a meal.

Sow and cub sharing a meal with a jealous onlooker.

More sea lions on the exit.

Helm Bay.

Bumping ride home.


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