Finally got off our a_ _ _ _ and got out of Morris.  Went twenty whopping miles to the east to Starbuck beach and Glacial Lakes State Park.  After house sitting, driving back and forth between Avon and Morris, and going to Duluth, complacency has set it.  Tried to shake that up a bit today. Maybe 16 weeks for a work contract is too long for my attention span.

A hiking trail in Minnesota is made with a lawnmower.  Why these state parks don't make some mountain biking trails is beyond me.  Local bikers would do all the work for free, but like everywhere else, it seems land managers are entirely clueless about community needs.

The highpoint of the park, maybe 100 vertical higher than the surroundings.  Pretty, none the less.

Apparently what the park was named after, a glacial lake.

Future hunting practice?

Lunch at the Nutcracker

Wifi and Netflix for a cranky kid

Nice beach and pleasant water at Lake Minnewaska at Starbuck beach.


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