Bikes, Blood, Canyons

Somewhat of a routine is being established.  The other day was a nice 6 mile ride into town with Alex in his trailer, and his bike on top of it.  Stop at the skate park, stop at a few playgrounds, get lunch in town, ride around the fountain lake a couple times, then ride home.  Maybe mix in a day riding at McDowell Mountain Park, crash on a dirt jump, rip my arm open, rest.  Then today was a day out at Fish Creek in the Superstition Mountains.

The rv park has donuts, coffee, and juice, free every morning.
At the skate park.

Idiot crash on a dirt jump.  Tore up knee, elbow, gut, shoulder, bruised ego, nope.  Too old for that.

The ride to town goes through the Fort McDowell reservation, with their dogs and horses roaming around.

Junk show.

Lots of cool art around Fountain Lake.

The fountain goes off for 15 minutes at the top of every hour.  It's 300' high or so, and can be seen all over town.

Lunch time.

Fish Creek Canyon


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