Wash, Rinse, Repeat to Texas

Left Minnesota 28 days ago, drove across the country to Yellowstone, then spent a week or so in Utah, then hammered 1200 miles to Texas in four days.  I'm blown out.  77 more miles to go tomorrow, then were done for a few months.  I don't envy those who move from spot to spot weekly.  Monthly might be ok, but I'd just assume park it for a while and not drive so much.

We crossed New Mexico from NW to SE, and I'm still not a fan.  Sure, there are no doubt parts that are inspiring and nice, but what I saw I don't need to see again.  Driving across the crazy oil boom of west Texas was a sight to behold.  Unreal idustrialization and neck breaking speeds, as Texas is now the "8th largest oil producing country", if it were its own country.

We all need a break tonight, after the road noise of the last campground in Carlsbad.  The KOA in Kerrville fits the bill.  Nice place with good wifi.

Not sure how he slept in through all the road noise at the ridiculous Carlsbad campground.

Kids seem to almost always have a positive attitude.

Crossing the west Texas oil boom.


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