Traversing the Ghetto

After driving from Farmington to Carlsbad, I'm still not a fan of New Mexico.  I skied Taos 28 years ago, so I can't speak for the Taos/Santa Fe area, maybe that would change my mind.  But so far, I'm just not that impressed with this state. I guess my views of the state haven't changed from my aeromedical days when we used to fly trauma patients into UNM hospital......

Morning ride behind the rv park.

Cedro Peak

Back in the land of cacti.

1980's campsite, when RV's didn't have slide-outs on both sides.

Some sort of Airstream event.

Right behind the Carlsbad park we are staying in.  At least if the park is full, we could always sleep here.

What is this?

River trail on the Pecos River.

Our RV park tonight, right next to a really loud road.  Whatever, the wifi works.


  1. Get to City of Rocks SP and Rockhound SP - we enjoyed them.

  2. Thanks for the advice. We had zero time to explore NM, just crossed it to get to Texas.



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