Rain and Rejuvination in the Doña Ana Mountains

Rode my negative attitude away this morning with an incredible loop in the Desert Peaks National Monument, then drove an easy 190 miles to a simpleton RV park in a random southeastern AZ town with mountains towering 7,000+ feet over us.  Arizona has amazing topography.

Doña Ana Mountains with the Organ Mountains in the background.

Border check outside of Las Cruces.

Random person getting slaughtered by a random rainstorm, in the desert.

View from camp of Mt. Graham.  A 10,000+ foot peak poking out of the Sonoran Desert.


  1. Great pics of the Doña Ana's! Nice lighting! Thanks!



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Sold the RV after living in it for two years and settled down for a couple years in Ketchikan, Alaska. Small town, lots of rain, good work environment, lots to do and see.............