Alamo, Ebola, and Bike Racing

We essentially have no internet here, so for various reasons, these pics are out of order.  Not that it matters.  

Had an underwhelming experience in downtown San Antonio at the Alamo and Riverwalk.  Everyone you talk to about San Antonio raves about it, because they apparently like walking on a sidewalk, next to a dirty river, in a dirty city, with thousands of other people, wasting money on trinkets.  That's my impression of the Riverwalk.  Take it or leave it.  The old mission buildings and architecture are impressive, but San Antonio is not.

I think the highlight of Texas for us will be watching Alex race his bike with his new campground friends.  

Hopefully this Ebola crap here doesn't spread.  If it does, we are leaving, as it's readily apparent no American hospital is taking any steps to implement any protocol to screen/triage patients that might present to the ER with suspicious symptoms.  Working in healthcare kinda sucks sometimes.  This is one of those times.


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