Texas Revolution

The picture below is what it looks like when three cops pull their guns on a drunk active military guy after he threatens his neighbor (us) in the rv park with a loaded .45 handgun.  That's enough of Texas for us, were outta here.  I'm sure some of Texas is nice, but San Antonio currently ranks as the biggest $&;@hole I've ever visited.  I've been here twice.  The last time I was isolated on a huge ranch, shooting video for a hunting show, so I really didn't interact in the environment.  This time I'm here as a travel nurse, so it's a bit different.  Kerville, 70 miles west of San Antonio seemed ok, but as far as I'm concerned, Mexico can have Texas back.



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Now living in Juneau, Alaska. Trying to absorb as much of this state as we can, before our time here ends.